Siforia is a one man project aimed at achieving financial independence by offering a massive amount of value through a collection of e-learning library sites and books. For updates on the Siforia Project see my work blog – A Web Entrepreneur’s Journal. The books released by Siforia are listed below.

Mikael Olsson, Author


This far four Siforia sites have been completed: Programming Video Tutorials, Handbook of Success, Pro-WebMarketing and The PUA School. Two more sites are in the works – Renewable Energy Alternatives and Handbook of Peak Everything.

  • Programming Video Tutorials (PVT) is the first site made for Siforia. It contains almost 200 video tutorials teaching the syntax of the most popular computer programming languages. The majority of the tutorials were recorded from fall 2008 to summer 2009. In the second half of 2009 the site had a complete redesign and text versions were written for all video tutorials.
  • Handbook of Success (HOS) is the second site belonging to the Siforia Project. This site contains a summary of everything important I’ve ever read, heard or seen related to personal development and success. The site took merely 3 days to build during the beginning of 2010. The content on the other hand took almost 3 years of research and writing as a student of personal development.
  • Pro-WebMarketing (PWM) is the third site of Siforia. It describes how to build and promote a money generating web site. Work on PWM began immediately after HOS was released in the beginning of 2010. Nine months later, in the fall of 2010, the site was published.
  • The PUA School (TPS) is the fourth site of Siforia. It provides a condense guide to the art of seduction and courtship.
  • Renewable Energy Alternatives (REA) is the fifth site of Siforia. It summarizes and compares the various non-fossil energy sources that are available.
  • Handbook of Peak Everything (HOPE) is the sixth site of Siforia. This site takes a look at the state of the world today in terms of energy and resource scarcity in order to find and evaluate possible solutions.

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